Waxhaw Yoga Studio

Move the Body.
Quiet the Mind.

Our studio is an all inclusive, non judgmental space where everyone is welcome to experience this practice of movement, breath and connection.

At Waxhaw Yoga, we move the body in new and different ways to help quiet the mind.

Located in Waxhaw, NC, our studio offers a sanctuary where practitioners of all levels find solace and strength. From rejuvenating Vinyasa flows to meditative Yin sessions, our diverse classes embrace holistic wellness. Experienced instructors guide each practice, fostering a supportive community where mindfulness and movement unite. Join us in this haven, where balance and peace intertwine, and embark on a transformative journey within.

yoga classes and SPECIAL events

There's a variety of yoga classes to choose from,
making it easy for everyone to find the perfect fit.

With an extensive array of yoga classes at your fingertips, this diverse range caters to all, ensuring everyone discovers their perfect match. Whether you’re a novice seeking gentle stretches or a seasoned yogi craving a dynamic flow, the options are boundless. From serene restorative sessions focusing on meditation, rest and relaxation to vigorous Vinyasa practices, synchronizing breath with movement, each class beckons individuals to explore and uncover what resonates best with their bodies and minds.

For those inclined towards introspection, Yin yoga offers a meditative space, delving deep into long-held poses to foster inner stillness and to open the fascial system including the connective tissue, joints and bones.  Alternatively, power yoga enthusiasts seeking a robust practice can engage in our Flow or Heated FLow sessions that build strength and flexibility and help to improve balance and stamina. Our VinYin class is the best of both worlds, combining the quicker pace flow style for the first half of class with the long holds of yin stretches for the second half…Moving into stillness. 

Regardless of age, experience, or physical abilities, the myriad of yoga classes caters to diverse preferences and needs. This inclusive approach fosters an environment where individuals can

embrace their individual journey to wellness all while being part of a welcoming, inclusive community where lasting friendships and relationships are built everyday.  
Whether aiming to enhance strength and flexibility, destress or embark on a path of self discovery, there’s an ideal class waiting for you. At Waxhaw Yoga we move the body to help quiet the mind.
See you on the mat! 

benefits of yoga

Enhanced Flexibility

Yoga stretches and postures improve flexibility, enhancing range of motion and reducing the risk of injuries. Yoga  loosens you up, making bending and reaching a breeze.

Reduced Stress

It’s like a Zen retreat, calming your mind and dialing down the stress-o-meter. Practicing yoga lowers cortisol levels, promoting relaxation and reducing stress, anxiety, and tension.

Increased Strength

Strike a pose and feel the burn! Holding yoga poses builds strength in various muscle groups, improving overall body strength

Better Posture

Better Posture

A killer posture! Regular yoga practice strengthens core muscles, supporting better posture and spinal alignment.

Improved Breathing

Improved Breathing

Take a deep breath! Yoga emphasizes deep, mindful breathing, enhancing lung capacity and promoting better respiratory health.

Clearer Minds

Find your inner calm. Through meditation and mindfulness techniques, yoga cultivates mental clarity, focus, and a sense of inner peace.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Bring your mat, water and a small towel. Wear comfortable clothes that you can move easily in. Yoga is usually done in barefeet, but you can wear socks if preferred.

We do provide mats here free of charge if you don’t have a mat or if you forget yours.

You can expect to move in new and different ways than traditional exercise. Once you learn the names of the postures and where the hands and feet go in each yoga pose, the practice begins to smooth out, but expect to feel a bit lost during those first couple classes. It does not take long though, to get used to the practice and to start to feel the benefits. Give yourself two or three classes before you decide if you like it or not!

You can try your first class for free, after that it is only $15 per class to drop in. A 10 class pass is only $99 and the monthly unlimited is only $119. A full year of unlimited yoga is only $1150.

Even just attending one class per week, you’ll see some benefits. Attending 2 or 3 times per week, you’ll gain strength and flexibility as well as feel the calming effects of the practice. Attending class every day will change your life!

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